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1st legit 50" fish

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Thank you for sharing Bob. All the world loves a storyteller. The experience was well written and probably shares well over a beer too😉. At one point, I thought you were going to tell me to get the net......Congratulations on some great pics, memories, and a gorgeous muskie! Well done, sir.

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Lol blasted 2 more today! I've had this crazy looking spin n glow looking surface bait for 10yrs. I've ran it 40 times probably in the last yr. I already netted a mid 40's fish on the pumpkin spinner again. So decided to really put that massive corky to the test. Lmao looks like a small boat putting across the water leaving a huge bubble line and big wake. Wake stopped, and pow! I honestly was laughing so hard I almost dropped my rod into the water! I stopped fishing after that, as if they'd eat a lure like that they'd eat anything at that point and sorta lost the challenge in it!




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