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hughes and west

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Lots of bait from 60 to 90 ft.had many hits but a earlier start would bring more fish.Temp is very deep but I now just fish where I find bait pods marks or no marks.Salmon are higher top 45 ft.leadcore and mag frog glow got action.#3 jpug is still producing hitsgreen and silver.

I ended up 2 for 7 hits .Lots of bass deep now 50 ft.was loaded today

Hope to get out early for a better day tomorrow.

Action was better deeper acording to radio  traffic.200 to 400 kings.

We sure do have wonderful weather to enjoy for awhile.

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Good report John. Sure wish I could get after them too....heading for California (driving) soon so it will have to wait until I get back. Good luck with it. Les

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I was out of Hughes yesterday p.m. and pretty rough with the NE wind kicking up.  Had one bite and because I had my clip to tight on the down rigger lost everything.  At the same time my motor started over heating.  But that's fishin.  Marked a ton of bait balls out to 85', some nice blue colored jay hooks on the FF all between 60-35'.  Can't wait to get out tomorrow and the weekend.  Lake is low though which makes getting into the marina dicey at times, just ask my prop!

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started out the morning with a nice fish.It took alot of line out and had to turn the boat as there was no way I could bring in all that line.Turned the boat and then way off behind i saw a large fish on top rolling,Boya good king i thought.Got alittle closer and saw it wasnt a king but a big sheepshead.Its the second one I have caught now trolling with jplugsfor kings.I guess the fish weighted about maybe 12 pounds

later I moved out deeper as the bait had also moved to about 85 ft.I hit some good fish and bait at about 135 .Trolled west to the next point and had two knockoffs on my cowbells ,must be hitting the spiners I thought.

Quit early as had business Saw one other boat out near me which moved out further unkmnown his sucess.

My guess is with the nice weather I would go deep start at 200.heard good reports this week there.

Not fishing tomorrow but do hope some do and get some nice fish.

When I did get back my dog set off my downrigger and messed it up .Took two hours and not fixed.

Anyone have older cannon electrics find a shutoff switch.This has happened a few timeand was able to fix it till now.

But it was such a grand day and the mess with the downrigger was met with humor.my boat mate tasha realy enjoys the fishing and boating also.

good fishing all

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fished mostly west of hughes today 50 to 70 ft of water.Best action was on a mag MS black green and glow tape,i also added prism tape on the back.Caught three browns on it and finaly lost it to a king.Seems Im having trouble with the 20 lb floracarbon leaders Im using.there were alot of fish earlier on the bottom 60 to 70 .

Moved alittle deeper but saw few fish inside 135.I took a break and went out later before dusk,The screen was empthy and most of the fish had moved to unknown territory.When I pulled up I had a nice bass about 3 1/2 lbs jplug.

I was a pleasant day forsure .My friend Joe did very well out deep on steelhead and kings.

As long as the weather cooperates why pull the boat,winter is long enough.

They are going to drege the harbor starting tomorrow here.

good fishing ,perch are coming soon to sodus if not already here

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