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Kevin J Legg

Last day of early goose didn't dissapoint

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Four of us hunted the last day of the early goose season and once again piled them up. We quite at 52 today and I'm sure we could have killed a few more. That makes 266 on the five hunts I've been on this early season. What a great start to the hunting season. Duck opener in Canada on Saturday is likely to be a bit of a letdown.



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With all the geese we've shot the last couple weeks I tried a couple recipes and they came out great. I made goose breast corned beef and goose breast pastrami. Not hard at all. Both use a Morton Tender Quick, water, pickling spice and sliced onion to brine for three day to cure. That's all you do for the corned beef. For the pastrami you then uses a black pepper, corinander, paprika rub and place in smoker or oven under low heat ( 220-240 degrees) till meat is to 160-170 degrees. That's it and both are very good. Now I can make a breakfast and Italian sausage, corned beef, pastrami, and smoked breast and they all are all very good. My days of having it made into sticks and pepperoni etc. are now limited as it's quite expensive to have done and these are all tasty and cheap. I also save the young ones to grill using a rub.

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