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Fish Hatchery

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Right now there are very few fish at the hatchery. The first tank closest to the building has approx 100-120 fish mostly cohos in it. The ladder going into the hatchery has 50-80 fish mostly cohos in it. Very very few kings, this is not looking good. But time will tell.

Capt Rich

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I was at the hatchery on 9/27/14 for the open house which was pretty cool there was an ok amount of fish in the hatchery.  One thing I noticed was that the Kings here all small to the point where it was hard to differentiate between them and the Coho's if they weren't close enough to get a look at there coloring. 

Also I learned that we are going to be short on Steelhead this year because a silt ball got into the system when the eggs where incubating.

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The ELOSTA club meeting is at the Hatchery this next Wed. 10/15/14 7:00 PM  The Dec will be there .  :yes:  :yes:    Open to the public  They will let us know how the egg take is and how the lake is too.

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