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Kayak fishing for false albacore with a flyrod


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I am not sure if people on this forum are interested in watching a video not related to Lake Ontario. But, for those that are, here is a video that I took the other weekend in Rhode Island fly fishing for false albacore. The video confirms to me that an eight weight fly rod is marginal for landing these fish. The fight lasted almost 10 minutes. To reduce boredom, the video fast forwards through most of the action.



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Too cool!    Not knowing a thing about fly fishing...I see you stripping line IN to retrieve the lure....and when it hit, you let it run with it to take out all the coils....


Doesn't your line just twist up and rats nest?

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I had to let the fish run because it was impossible to stop it and I needed to get it on the reel. If you're careful and lucky, the fly line doesn't tangle. With most fish, you get a chance to shake out the tangles as you feed the line back out to the fish. With faster fish, it can be a bit more complicated. False albacore are much faster swimmers than anything else that I have ever caught. As you see in the video, the line got wrapped around my reel for a moment. That could have easily led to losing the fish. Luckily, I was able to lower the rod and lean forward quickly enough to unwrap it.

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