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H&R TamerSS .410 shotgun


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Because of my severe arthritis & crooked fingers I have just purchased a new to me used .410 H&R TamerSS for my reg carry/ hunting small game gun ( still have my 12gu for turkey etc ) here in Ont Canada . Just shot my 1st squirrel at 20yds roughly in a tree with a # 5 shell . Not much waste mainly head shot . Just wondering from your experience this ok for rabbit or should I use something else .. Hunting with beagles . I used # 5s in my 12 gu. Worked well .

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As a kid I killed countless rabbits, woodcock and grouse with my H&R singleshot. I even killed a mallard flying by one day. It had a full choke barrel and I used 3" 6 shot. I also had a friend that had an old remington auto that I ocassionally got to use and I killed them with that as well. You will enjoy the light weight and low recoil.

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