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Seneca Kinger report


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I didn't want to get up so Erabbit had to wait till EYE was good and ready to go.......he loaded boat then drug me over to the truck and off we go....... I tell him three times ---Ruff----Ruff---Ruff---- that the water was just too Ruff for me but Oh no he knows better............we're heading down the lake a 9:32 am and at-least he don't have it wide open only going 20 or so.......he get where I guess he thinks there fish and get busy setting boat up...... he'll have to take over from here because I'm too short to see all his gizz-mo's...........

had lines into the water tad after 9:49 am and fish on at 9:58 am 61' probe rigger small stinger spoon ( same one as last time out ) small sub legal landlock.......put that rod back down and checked other rod just to be safe I didn't have a dink on it....... 10:20am boat a 18" to 20" chunky landlock and put him back on the 61' rigger again.....10:35 am boat a laker on the 71' rigger FLT perch pattern spoon..then one more laker at 11:00 am ...11:20am 71' rigger smaller landlock than the first one and that was about it for the day back at the dock by 1ish....... put all fish back..........too hot !!!!  and Kinger was ready for lunch !!!!!!



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