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Genny 10/4 = DYNAMITE

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Launched in the river solo at 8am and started setting lines on the way out.  Immediately after dropping the 2nd rigger I had a King on.  Before I got that fish in the 2nd rigger line was screaming.  Boated the 1st fish and brought the other to the back of the boat where it popped off.  Set lines again and got a 3rd flatline out with a jointed firetiger Challenger.  That line would go on to have 3 Kings on and lose all 3.  Each time the hooks were bent over.  Those have got to be changed.  EVERY time I made a pass by the pier heads or into the river I was hooked up.  Went on to boat 5 Kings ranging from 18-24 lbs, and 2 browns.  One gorgeous 8lb brown, and a small one that was foul hooked.  All revived and released.  This was easily the best solo run I have ever had and I can't imagine that the 3 or 4 other boats out there this morning weren't enjoying the same.  River temps at 60 degrees, and lake as low as 48.  Magnum orange/black Moonshine did most of the damage this morning.  Also took a fish each on DW superbread, and DW magnum Firefly. 7 for 11


Today was the perfect setup.  Almost no boat traffic, cloudy, cold temps, and a bit of rain runoff.  It was as if every King left in the lake was headed in.



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What a difference a day makes.   Fished yesterday and the river temp was 67.  Not a single fish all morning.

I did see the stocking of the sturgeon at the launch though when we came in.  That was pretty cool.

That would be cool.  I've never seen one.  How big were they?  And were they handling them or dumping them in the water?  Quite a few of them?

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