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30 degree rod holder


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i am assuming this is a flush mount rod holder.you can use a hole saw,but they can be a pain to use,especially with aluminum or just a drill and a jig saw or sawsall.trace the hole where you want it,drill a hole big enough to get your jig saw blade through and cut it out.before drilling CHECK UNDER THE GUNWHALE!!!!for wires and steering cable.also,figure out which way you want it to point,you can mount it so your rod is straight behind the boat or off to the side and always use stainless steel hardware.i also like to silicone holes when i drill through anything.i know you got them for a present,but you would be much better off with a piece of track and surface mount rod holders,they are much more versatile.good luck

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It is a bit involved.

First make very sure that you are ok with making a hole in your boat and where you want it. Then after having checked what is undet the gunwale, you must make some form of reinforcement under the aluminum so it will not start bending around the rodholder. Usually you can do this by putting a 1x5x16(or 12) piece of wood under the gunwale and screwed into it. This will spread the sideways force over a much larger area. Then you must drill a hole at 30 degrees through both aluminum and wood (or a larger straight hole that will accomodate the 30 degree angle). Unless you have the right tools and know what you are doing it can turn into a mess. Another way to do it is by taking a 1/4 inch piece of aluminum (1/4x5x16(or12) instead of the wood. This will allow you to drill a slightly larger but straight hole.

Good luck

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