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I had something growl at me on my way out Sat. evening.  I sat in stand longer than usual because I had a skippy buck only 10 yards from me feeding on the acorns.  I get out as it's almost dark and start my usual exit plan then I heard this throaty growl. I just carried on and said it was probably just my pack, then it happened again a little louder. So I picked up the pace and scanned with my headlamp, I couldn't see eyes or anything moving but on the third one I damn near ran down the hill.  It might have been a buck or the 500lbs. black bear my buddy and I have on our game cams.  Either way I didn't like it.

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Freaky stuff.........please tell me it's photoshopped!! Reminds me of hunting many years ago after Blair Witch Project came out. I could not go in the woods that year in the dark....honest.


Love Bailey's post!!


Good luck in the field,



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Spend some time checking out the Bigfoot Research Organization site and look at the different sighting locations for each state and county within.  It's really interesting how many hunters have spotted weird things.  Or better yet, do it a couple of days before deer season. You know, when you go walking in the woods to your stand and it's pitch black and you're all by yourself.  Or at least you think you are till you feel like you are being watched.  Who knows, a pack of coyotes, a cougar, even though DEC says they are not in New York or sasquatch. 

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