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My sons first hunt.

DJ 17

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Took my 3 yr old son hunting for the first time yesterday. He was so excited. We got in the blind and I sat down and he looks at me and says " Daddy where are the deer?" I explained we had to wait and we went over our previous talks on being "quiet and patient". He did a great job. After 15 minutes or so 3 does came out about 90 yds away. Of course, as soon as they did the wind switches and blows right too them, so they went the other way. 20 minutes later 2 more come out and the same thing happens. He sits on my lap for another hour and falls asleep ( no nap today).

I let him sleep for a half hour and then got him out of there, by then it had started to rain and the wind was still bad. 


He never made a sound! Even when the deer were in front of us. 


As I get him back in the truck he looks at me with a huge grin and says " Daddy, that was awesome! Can we do that again?"  I'm hoping he is already hooked.


Now I have to take his twin sister who wants to go!


It was a great time, even if the weather didn't cooperate.


I am one proud Daddy this morning!





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Great memories...............I took my daughter deer huntin when she was 8 years old, of course she got bored, and started to build 4 or 5 small snowmen in our ground blind, ......she is now 32 years old, and I still give her some type of snow man for Christmas, salt shakers, ornaments, etc........we'll never forget her fist deer hunt.......cherish those memories !!

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His twin sister has been asking to go constantly now! I may try to get her out tonight if I get the right wind.  Not sure how this will go? When she has been with me in the truck in the summer scouting she says "hi deer" to every one she sees!  Very polite , but not so quiet! :rofl:

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