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Have caught just about everything else but am new to musky fishing. Due to limited funds and my addiction to walleye trolling tackle I am limited to the rods I currently have for musky trolling. I have 2 options either my dipsy rods with 30lb mono or my ocean 7ft 30-60 ugly sticks with shimano TLD 20's and 50lb mono. Do you think either of these will suffice??

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Use the Ocean 7 ft Ugly Sticks, but replace the 50 lb Mono with 80 lb power braid and either wire leaders or 80 lb fluorocarbon leaders.If your going to use the 50 lb Mono flat line trolling you will need to add a 1/2 lb ball weight at the swivel between leader and main line to get depth,50 lb Mono will be hard to get depth with crankbaits by itself.

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