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Samples of pro troll, spin doctor, & blade bait die cuts from new die cutter


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Spin Doctor and Pro Troll Die Cut Samples in Silver Disco, Diamond Hyper Plaid, and TRU UV Transparent 




Samples of ladderbacks, paddles, tree die cuts in crushed glow, cracked mirage, holo fireworks, mountain dew patterns, etc.




Blade Bait Die Cuts For Vertical Jigging Lures in many different holographic and UV patterns.



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I buy my holographic tapes in 100 yd to 600 yd x 24" rolls direct from 3M and other manufacturers. I would suggest if you are looking to make ladderbacks, to just order it from WTP which sells their tape in bulk in 100 foot rolls from 1" to 6" widths.. I can sell you any of my tapes by the yard, but they would be 24" wide. I also can die cut anything for you down to 1/8".

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