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UV Rotating Flasher

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These rotating flashers have a similar rotation to the spindoctor.  UV tape is top of the line from WTP.  I am selling these for $7 each without swivels.  These rotators were ran this past summer and helped produce some great catches on Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan.  This is an introductory price and once for sale at the shows and on my website they will be more.  Just send me a message if you would like to buy some.  This one is just over 9 inches in length and I do have a smaller version that is around 7 inches.  Do not miss out on this great deal!!!  Ryan


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Ya I know the photo is not the best but the transparent UV Tape is hard to get a picture of on a clear piece of plastic!!!  The tape will turm from blue to purple colored as it moves.  I will try and take a better one tonight but the fish catching power of this color of tape is just Awesome!!!  I have attached another photo of the Tape on some more Rotators for you guys!!!!


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