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Wanted Fishing kayak

poplar kraft

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I don't know how serious he will be at kayak fishing but here's one that will work just fine.



Here's the one I have. It's a little more money.



I troll the local lakes for trout and it works great. Have paddled for 6hrs straight with it. The only thing I did was by an aftermarket seat because my back would get sore. I bought a high back seat. I suppose the one you sit in you wouldn't need to do that with. They both have rodholders behind the seat and 1 between the legs. They both have storage that's adequate imo.

I'm not expert but I've logged a lot of time fishing in it and I like it and it has served me well. If I had big money I'd get a foot peddle Hobie but that's big money. Also I would check Walmart as they had some good deals on Kayaks as well.

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