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Otisco eyes?

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not saying you cant get them, but I know justin and myself at the same and different times fished the heck out of October with no result. bite was good till lake level dropped. Didnt bother the tiger bite though. like deer hunting,....gotta keep going even when the eyes of the rod freeze. there feeding somewhere in there.

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Like Kevin said, we were in the process of hammering out limit after limit and then the lake dropped and ruined the spots I fish in the fall.  I didnt post much after a few incidents ticked me off.  Once the fishing in my spots went in the toilet I quit fishing and switched to deer hunting.  No doubt the same fish were putting the feedbag on elswhere, but I had enough walleye in the freezer.  On top of that nobody I know wanted to go out and put the work in to come up with a new spot for fall fishing with low water.  I worked so hard to pattern fish with the strange conditions we had all season that I didnt have it in me.  Hopefully next year will be easier.  That being said we had our best season yet this year boating over 200 eyes!  Ill be resuming fishing in a few days, but all on the susquhanna and its tribs, but I dont open post shore fishing as access is limited.  You can always pm me and Id be happy to share.  

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No ice on the north side of the causeway old man.... there was a little bit started at the very northern end at the dam and turtle bay but that will be gone by tomorrow if it isnt already..


The north end to the narrows has locked up a couple of times but went soft again.  Just need a cold snap

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