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Sleepy Scott's Buck

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Here it goes: Went to camp opening weekend and haven't been to my Brockport spot in about 9 days. I went back there this past Saturday evening and saw some great sign from a big buck. This sign wasn't there 2 days before I left for camp. So Sunday morning I went to the same stand hoping to see a good one or the dark antlered 8pt Id been waiting for in archery.  I was freaking tired. The events of my weekend so far had caught up to me. I started the ole "head bob" maybe around 7:30. At about 8am I heard something not normal. I open my eyes and this buck is 50yds away walking right at my stand. Everytime his head got behind a tree I'd lift my gun higher, then he looked right at me! AHHHH s#@t!!!! I'm gonna mess this up because I was dozing off! Well he didn't bust me and got behind another tree so I could shoulder my gun. Finally at 20yds it was an easy shot. It looked like his ear was damaged in a recent fight also. I've taken some good bucks before, but this one is going on the wall.




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