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just to clarify, are you going to use the 1000 watt transducer for your hds 10? (sorry waste of your money)

reason I ask is I installed a 1000 watt airmar ss264 thru hull in my boat for both my hds 8 and hds 10 interfaced together, only to find it really wasn't worth it. lowrance units only put out 250 watts of

power. to really get 1000 watts of power from your transducer your transducer must get 1000 watts of

power. after talking to airmar and other electronic companies it was explained to me that the 1000 watt transducer is much better than any 600 watt transducer in design, but I still was only getting the

results of a 600 watt transducer.

this year to improve my fish finder capabilities i'm going to do this; replacing my hds 8 by buying a

furuno 587 for the 1000 watt transducer, the furuno 587 puts out 1000 watts of power. as for the hds 10 i'm buying an airmar p66 (600 watt)transom mount transducer. this is the best 600 watt transducer around

hope this info helps. lee

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There's not much you can't see with the 600. I can see my down n out dypsy at 95' or so under my weight. I don't know what the extra few $100 will buy you. Granted there are more fishfinder settings to play with than what is offered by transducers but mine runs good.

BTW.. I run a Humminbird 958 and an Airmar B60 thruhull.

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