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HDS -7 Touch

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So my plans have changed.....the deal has also changed.


I have 2 7 inch models for sale. One is a combo and one is chart only.
Combo for $850 no transducer FREE shipping.
Chart only model $750 FREE shipping. SOLD!
BOTH units together for $1550 FREE shipping.
SonarHub module for additional $350. Makes a nice CHIRP package with Touch units! SOLD!
Or buy both for $1100.00
Used but in impeccable condition. I am upgrading to Gen3.

Contact me by PM or you can call/text 559-916-9145


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Are you selling just the screens?

I understand no ducer but any power cables, gimbal brackets, sun cover included?



Hi Jeff. You will get gimbal bracket, knobs, sun cover and power cable for each HDS Touch unit. The SonarHub comes with a power cable and a Ethernet cable.


Sorry it took so long to respond, been very busy.



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