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Otisco get together next year.


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I'm gonna be there every weekend at a minimum, and if there is interest Id be happy to host an event. We have 2 choices: hope for a more typical summer and try another trolling event, or try it in may/june when walleye are a bit easier to target though this means night fishing. I had a great time last year even though the fishing was beyond tough for everyone except Miss em! I hope we can do it again!! We need feedback!!

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As soon as the fingerlakes events are scheduled can you post a list of possible dates for the walleye event. Id say anytime in july SHOULD work. I still like the idea of a night event in the spring also. Last I knew the campground is having a derby opening weekend of bass season also. They asked me to run i, but I havent heard much.

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Jeff (miss em),

You better be in!


Ill get you on someones boat if I dont have room. Anyone else who isnt setup or boatless I will attempt to find a spot for you.

For you regulars the big eyes in the rivers are starting. A buddy here on the forum got a 30" and my son a 28" this week" both on sticks at night. I havent moved a rod myself, but Cody's 28 was a pig and safely released.

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Im not worried at all about may...even if its slow for a week or so the alewives will end up on shore and so will the eyes. The first two weeks or so is when its most crowded and last year most guys gave up before it got real good. Most guys hate the weeds and when they get going it thins out even more. I didnt even take the boat out at night the first three weeks last year because I was too busy getting our RV set up and deck built. This year Ill be ready for the opener. Its the summer Im worried about...we need surface temps in the 80's for good summer trolling. Every year is different, and the only thing that stays constant is the guys that put their time in and work at it will do fine. The guys that fish the same as they always have will struggle. At least once a week all season I hear a fisherman say how the lake "used" to be good, there isnt any walleye anymore, or the tigers ate all the walleye. Its all nonsense....truth is you have earn em!!

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