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Can you run rubber bands directly from the clip on the paner line to the lead core? I've never used planer boards,but would like to try them this spring. Any other info regarding running a planer board would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and boat safe


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While it may be better in terms of maintaining the integrity of the core to release from a mono section either between sections of the core or at the end where the core is all out the main strength of the core is not the tiny diameter lead inside but the outer sheath material so the rubber band approach should work. You just have to monitor the sheathing to make sure it isn't getting "chaffed" by anything. Sometimes people don't realize it but the lead inner core itself can separate or be compromised for various reasons anyway and most of the inherent strength is still available because of the sheathing.

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In looking for releases,I have seen some that say they can be used with lead core with out harm?its the off shore tackle or18 and the or19 has anyone used these and do they damage the line. Thanks for any input. Giz

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