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Still Looking for a place to fish

MooseKnuckle VI

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I was pretty sold on going up and staying at lake Oneida for the summer with the boat and camper. It's closer to where I live, but it's not really where I'd like to be at. I'm looking at Chaumont Bay area now. I love the 1000 islands and Black Lake. My buddies and I also like to fish Big O for browns and salmon. Chaumont would be ideal because it's fairly central to my fav fishing spots. I've never fished the actual bays though (Chaumont,/Black River/Henderson). I mainly like to target LMB, SMB and Pike when I'm up there. How's the fishing in these bays? Is the water comparable to say Eel Bay in the 1000 Islands? Shallow, clean and weedy bottoms?


Also, is that area too far north to target salmon on Big O? I'm wondering if it's feasible to run out of the bay say from Sackett's and get on some salmon or would we better off trailering down to mexico bay? I have a 18' Aluminum deep V with a 4 stroke 150. its adequate but it feels really small when Ontario is nasty. Those days we've learned to just stay home rather than get beat up real bad. So if it's a super long run to get on some salmon it might be best to just trailer.....What's your thoughts?

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