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Rifled Choke Tube?


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I bought a Remington smoothbore barrel with the Remchoke for my 870 Wingmaster last season (finally have a dedicated scoped slug gun). My dad and brother swear by shooting the cheap rifled slugs through the smoothbore barrels with improved cylinder chokes. I have followed suit for the past several years and can easily shoot 3" groups of 2 3/4" sluggers or super xs at 60 yards. We have filled our fair share of tags over the years with them. However, I received the rifled choke with the barrel and have been wanting to play with it a bit.  I have been reading other forums and articles and can not come to a conclusion. Reading everything from shooting only sabots through these chokes to shooting only rifled slugs to them being a complete waste, I can't come up with a definite answer. I would like to have the confidence to reach out to 125 yards (90% of our shots are less then 60 yards) without experiencing severe drop of typical rifled slugs but don't want to fork out the extra cash for a fully rifled barrel.


So I am wondering if anyone has experience in shooting slugs through the Rifled Chokes? If so, what is the best type of slug/sabot to shoot and do they truly provide greater accuracy? Any info greatly appreciated. 

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Interesting article on this. Personally I won't shoot anything other than a fully rifled barrel shotgun with sabots but take a look at this article. I think you'd be making a mistake by firing sabots out of a smooth bore barrel, regardless if you have a rifled choke on it. I'd stick with rifled slugs in your gun and shoot it through standard cylinder or an IC choke.


I posted a similar article in another post regarding the tumbling of sabots when shot out of a smooth bore barrel.



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I had a Remington 1100 with the square b scope mount and rifled choke tube. It shot well to 100 yds with cheap winchester slugs, the thing didn't like remington sluggers (not sure if the 5/8 oz vs 3/4 oz made that much of a difference). Make sure the scope mount/scope does not move, I kept having problems with mine so got rid of it and got a cantilever barrel fully rifled.


Another issue I had was the slugs would leave lots of lead deposits and after 3-4 shots the slugs would be all over the place. I would clean it and get 3-4 good shots again then it would start throwing the slugs all over the target.


I never tried sabots but was impressed by the "cheap" slugs and how accurate I could get if the gun was clean with the choke tube. My choke tube was a hastings that I found years ago.

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