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Sleigh bells n Browns with/ pics

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Was it December or April? Today was December 27th but the weather was great and felt more like april. Went out for an afternoon of what will probably be the last day for this years trolling season. Had to start late because of a family obligation but we did manage a decent afternoon bite. Two buddies of mine got on the morning bite and they crushed them early... ( wish i could have been there) Our afternoon bite was slow to start but picked up at last light. We had a wide range of surface temps which scattered the fish a bit. We searched anywhere from 8 - 18 fow. The water was crystal clear from about 12 fow to shore. We sent the planer boards out first thing and our spread consisted of smithwicks, rapalas and challenger sticks. All the sticks were black n silver. Ran two spoons off the riggers but they were silent for the day. leads off the boards were anywhere from 200 back to 75. Our 90 and 75 leads took the most shots and the long lead took our biggest fish of the day. Best speed for the day was right at 2.0mph with an east troll being the best. Our best fish was a nice 12lb male who took off for a nice run the rest were cookie cutter browns 4-6 lbs. It was a blast hearing the line scream from the drag like a salmon. I thought this would cure the trolling itch but it only added more fuel to the fire, none the less it felt great to get out and set lines, hear the riggers hum, and see a few rods bounce. Spring cannot come soon enough!!!!

Location: Bear creek

Fow: 8-18

Temp: 41-49 degrees

Speed 1.7 to 2.6

went: 8 for 11

post-139866-14197322362849_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197322552662_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197323166781_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197323319422_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197323523239_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197323700817_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197323851122_thumb.jpgpost-139866-14197324069698_thumb.jpgpost-139866-1419732419142_thumb.jpg Ontario United1419732253.741837.jpg]

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