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Clear plastic window update


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Awhile back I did a little diddy on cleaning the clear vinial [sp?] boat windows. Its really had to capture the shape mine were in .It sat outdoors all summer . Well I brought them in and gave them the plexus treatment. All the windows are almost as clear as new now. Except for a few deep scratches.I guess you can buff them out but Im not going to bother. This vinial {sp?] is from a 2001 boat. I used the wifes ironing board, with her best white towel covering it. Laid the plastic down flat ,then just buffed by hand with another micro fibre towel. Definately a project you want to complete BEFORE they get out of bed. I think the windows came out better this year than last. They are really really clear. I used the plexus for the first time last yr.

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