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Watch the Salmon Showdown Fishing Show Now !

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moemoe I hope you know Wally personally to be saying that.


Greg Magee owns the Blue Fairways the 50' and owns a company, Magee Insurance Group

Wally captains the boat


The Blue Fairways is Sponsored by the Fishing and Hunting Forum which I hope after watching the Salmon Showdown

you guys roam around the forum and join in the conversations.  Maybe even tell us about yourself, what boat you are and what tournaments you fish.

 no harm ment and not a personal attack....enjoy watching the shows you guys produce,and wally seems like a very personable guy...napolean reference was more captain of short stature with the biggest boat just makes him more recognizable

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Don't quite understand the rules for the salmon showdown.  ie. electing not to weigh in fish on day 1.  How does this work?


Salmon Showdown follows Tournament Trail's Broadcast Championship which uses the 333 ruleset. This is from tournament trail's website on how the 333 works.


The 333 Championship Series is a side bet that runs in conjunction with each host tournament on the Tournament Trail.  The object of the 333 is to catch 3 fish in 2 days.  The heaviest 3-fish catch wins.  In 333 competition teams can only weigh 3 fish over the course of the entire 2 day event.  Teams can elect to weigh any number of their 3 tournament fish on day 1 or they can elect not to weigh any fish on day one.  Any fish weighed and counted on day 1 cannot be exchanged for a bigger fish caught on day 2.   On day 2 teams will weigh however many fish they have left to complete their 3 fish limit.


So theres a little bit a of skill and luck involved in making that decision. 


Hope this answers your question.

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