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Any boat surveyors near Geneva, NY


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I have personally had Shawn Bartnett look at boats for me and would highly recommend him for a survey. He is extremly knowledgeable and will take the time to explain, teach and show u what the condition of the boat is. He has saved me from what cld have some bad choices, tons of money and or real headachs out thier.

Good luck in your quest for a new boat:)

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i would recomend doing what u want to do to make ur purchase feel validated. Their can be endless things to look at or for with any type of boat purchase. I had a compression check done on my boats that were purchased and it defiently put my mind at easy before hitting the open water.

Good luck

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On the point of a marine sea trial. The surveyor will go with you to check everything out. I had it done when I bought my boat and the surveyor was checking everything out on the sea trial especially the engine. This is separate from the land based survey and will cost more. I learned a lot on what to look for on that sea trial and was very comfortable with my purchase afterward.

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