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Well its that time of yr again and I am really excited about the changes The King Of THE LAKE is undertaking. After studying tournaments and where they are going its almost priced a lot of teams out of the game or at least as a fact has made guys amalgamate teams and for these reasons many if not all tournaments were down last yr.

We are taking a page out of the saltwater sailfish tournaments and we are lowering entry fees and adding separate divisions Take a look and see there is something for everyone.

The only entry required online is the main event. Everything else is cash at the event. We will accept cheques prior to the cutoff date. Cash will be only way to pay after cutoff date. A soft cut off will be a month ahead of each event. After this date there will be a $100 penalty until one week before the tournament which will be a hard cutoff. This is a "a la carte" type tourney. You pick what division you want to compete in.

The Venue: St Catharines Marina (Port Weller) where they are going to release the rates for dockage shortly. We are working on a flat fee weekend, weekly and monthly. This way you can tie in other events in order save some money.

We will have plenty of parking in the complex as well as Fuel. There will be a tent with our trailer in the parking lot just like we used to do 15 yrs ago. You will be able to bring your on beverages to the tent. We will have bbq, pop and water available during weigh ins and registration to fill void if needed.


Dreamweaver Main Event

$275 entry (including paypal fees)

top 7 pay

2 days, 5 fish per day

Jackets for Team Members - Top team

Plaque for Captain - Top three teams

Novelty cheque - Top team


Fishawk 21 and under prize

top boat with boat 21 loa feet or smaller gets free entry into next kotl main event


Scotty High Performance division

$500 entry

Pay three spots

50%-30%-20% payout

1 - Scotty 1116 electric downrigger - Top team

Jackets for team members - Top team

Plaque for Captain - Top three teams

Novelty cheque - Top team



$500 entry

Total points over the Spring and Fall KOTL main events

top 3 spots paid


$2000 Gift Certificate from GLTS - Top team

jackets for team members - Top Team

plaque for captain - Top three teams

novelty cheque - Top team


Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday

$50 entry

biggest fish of the day


plus trophy


Sat and Sun

one day tournament

Must be entered in main event to participate

$100 each day entry

50%-30%-20$ each day


text or call for info 905 651 3327

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