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2014 Season Review


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Hey guys I have shared this with a bunch of Lake Michigan forums already and thought some of you Lake O guys may be interested. With less Kings around the last few seasons fishing has been tougher and I took the time out to write a end of the year review highlighting what worked best for me in 2014 and when it was working. Hopefully you enjoy reading it and maybe some of it can help you guys put some of those big lake O kings in the boat in 2015!



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Great write up and thanks for sharing! You guys on Michigan fish mainly defined structure compared to the O where it's all open water trolling whether your in 60 fow or 600fow? And the pic of the little girl holding that King is priceless!!!

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Thank you. We do fish a lot of structure here your exactly right! What I have noticed is for the most part hot color patterns tend to work on both lakes and so do hot tactics for the most part. I have learned a lot by reading great articles written by Lake O guys and I am sure some of you you guys have learned a few things from Lake Michigan guys. Thats what is awesome about the internet it closes the learning gap. 


Lilly is my 6 yr old daughter pictured that you referred to she is a die hard fisherman and fishes all of the tournaments with us. She participates for the most part as a normal team member BUT she is 6 and does take a few more naps than we do lol!

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Great Writeup, very informative. I was looking through the list of your successful lures and it seems like Lake Michigan anglers use a lot more blue than we do here on Lake Ontario. Majority of the time Greens and blacks seems to be the ticket on Lake Ontario.

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   I noticed that you had no mention of fishing plugs in your 2014 review.  It seems as though plugs are fished regularly on the

Showdown.  Perhaps the episodes with plugs are from early fall ?  I have had the feeling, after watching the show, that plugs

were being used more often in Lake Michigan than here on Ontario where they generally only come out for the fall combat

fishing. Your thoughts ?

   Terrific picture of your little teammate !

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I use plugs quite a but especially during tournament fishing. Plugs "generally" catch mostly mature fish. There is 4 times when I fish plugs.....

Fall combat fishing which is obvious

Cold water close to shore (10-50 ft)

When fishing is lights out and plugs help sort out little fish

When desperate for big tournament box usually with a 5 fish or less limit

I am going to be writing lots more blogs on specific topics in detail like

Flasher/Fly fishing



Planer Board fishing

So if these topics interest you check on the blog and hopefully some of what i share can help u catch a few more fish next year

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