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New addition to my fishing crew


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Yes they do grow very fast. Enjoy every moment! Before I knew it he was getting on the bus for pre school. My personal hunting and fishing has been cut down but I wll make up for it when they tag along. Makes my outing that much more appreciated, pre- kids I took for granted being chasing my passions every day.My 4 yr old knows most animal tacks and can spot fresh tracks out the car window at 55. The  first time I took him bow huntig he grunted a 6 pt rite to the tree. When we got back to the truck he said thanks for taking me hunting dad, when are we goin again. He is currently learing how to shoot his compound and the rewards I get from teaching him about the outdoors is priceless!  I am hoping it will pay off some day, my dad has a awesome hunting and fishing picture album and doest own a fishing rod or a tree stand .  I am planning on him taking care of me someday. lol    Also get him a lifetime license now because you may not have the funds in the future, glad I did for both my sons cause I am broke now.

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