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Bluetop Spoons (Sutton 44 Type)

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I make these spoons in the same size, shape and thickness as Suttons, giving them the same action. They

are finished with quality, durable lure tape, which offers more color than Suttons. I am retired and troll Cayuga lake approx. 85 times a year, even in winter. These are the only spoons I use, even though I've

had access to Suttons as a dealer. Each lot contains 3 spoons, both sides are pictured for each lot.

They are $9.99 per lot, plus $2.45 postage. Postage for multiple lots would still be just $2.45. My Bluetop spoons are also available in many sizes on eBay under the category "Sutton Fishing Spoons". (I posted the photos of each lot in order, but the listing scrambled them)..









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