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7 inch flasher ladderback stickers, Transparant Pro Am Green color

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Sold Out…  but, if I have enough interest I can order more and thinking about getting some glow ladders and just 2" wide glow tape to replace old beat up glow tape, let me know.





I had to buy these in bulk, they won't put them in a 2 pack, so I'm selling the extras.  these are 7 inch very bright transparent green,"Pro Am" color  these are not hard to find, they are impossible to find…. I'm selling them for $1.00 each. I think I can put 10 in a buss envelope and ship for $1.00, 

Oh, this is same tape the matador flasher is made with and that's $3.50 for 2 pieces...


Capt. Dave


Ok, please just send me a text if you want any.  I can answer you much better than here, the PMs are a pain. lol


315 271-8773


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