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Anyone need a first mate?

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Hi my name is Adam Deslandes, I am 17 years old and a looking to be a mate on a charter fishing boat this upcoming summer through the end of the fishing season. I do live in Vermont but, every chance I've had has been spent on Lake Ontario, if not Lake Champlain. I have been fishing Lake Ontario for the past seven years with my father, or all by myself and have a lot of experience fishing the lake. I've had three salmon fishing boats of my own including a 21ft Penn Yan that I have fished on for three years; during this time taking a lot my family and friends fishing on Lake Ontario and lake champlain and have caught them numerous trout and salmon. I have a lot of experience using downriggers (mostly scottys) , dipsy, and copper/Leadcore rods. I have a Vermont boaters liscense and am CPR and First Aid certified. I bring with me high energy and, am very willing to learn new things and adapt ( as I don't know everything) and am open to constructive criticism, and have worked with many different personalities. I mainly fish out of Oswego and in Mexico Bay, when in NY I stay in New Haven but can travel if needed. I am graduating school this year and will be able to work after mid-June, though I will be in NY fishing different times throughout the spring if you'd meet and see what we can do. My phone number is 802-334-1815 or 802-487-4821 or can reply on LOU. Below are pictures of the different boats and some of the different catches made

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