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Bolton lake lodge manitoba

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I never heard of that lake until you posted this. I googled it and it appears the edge you seek is just fishing there. Looks like a dream trip to me. I would take some 4" red eye wigglers and a johnson silver minnow and a docktor spoon. Good luck and put up some pics.

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Some suggestions:

Definitely bring a Rapala Super Shad Rap! perch or sucker finish with steel or heavy floro leader, great inside and outside the weeds

suick style jerk bait, use with a real strong steel leader, not a cheap one which will snap

small to medium rubber swim baits like a bull dawg, steel or heavy floro leader

large paddle tail minnows on a heavy jig, heavy leader

safety pin spinner toss in weeds at surface, retrieve & hang on

Super Top Raider with heavy leader, the contra rotating blades raise a wonderful ruckus on top then hang on! An old Globe or a Pacemaker would also work well.

try using google if not familiar with any of these lures.

Have fun and all the best!

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