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When do we get the PARTY STARTED?


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I am getting sick and tired of looking at my covered boat parked behind my shed!!  I picked up a 19' Blue Fin a couple of years ago and have spent the last two years updating it for fishing and family cruising.  The boat is a blast for me but unfortunately I seem to spend more time tinkering around with it than I do actually running it due to my work schedule.


Now that I have a decent GPS/Fish finder and some hand cranking down riggers, poles, reels and a big net, I was wondering how early some guys go out in the spring espicially in the Genessee or Iron Bay and how they fish those types of waters in March and April.  I am a beginner at this kind of fishing so any advice and reccomendations would be most welcome!!


Stay warm my friends,



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It'll be good to see another Bluefin at the Genny.  Mine's 18 ft.  Weather permitting & the launch has been cleared, end of March should do the trick.. Make sure you watch out for debris in the fast current.


Tom B.


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I spent my first 20 years salmon fishing out of a Blue Fin- we sold it a few years ago but a lot of good memories in that boat.... and a lot of really wet runs out to the bar in it.  If you didn't feel like showering that day, just go about 20-25 mph in anything over 1.5 footers and you'd get all the water you want.

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