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Sold / Closed Parting out my Thompson in the Spring

Tim Bromund

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Hi Guys,


Just  heads up at this point, My 1986 Thompson 24' Hardtop has kind of officially bought the farm, so once winter is over and I unwrap it, I'm going to be parting out what I can before I junk the hull.


Item's I'll be looking to try and sell off of it:

  • It has a good 5.0L Mercruiser (230HP) Engine, MR/Alpha 1 outdrive and transom assembly.  The trim motor on the transom assembly was replaced 2 years ago.  I'll either sell as a complete powertrain or as components.  It is in the boat and you can hear it run
  • Anyone with a soft top Thompson looking to upgrade to a hardtop,  It looks like the HT is just screwed down to the gunwales, so it should come off the boat fairly easily. Complete with Drop Curtains and a Full Camper Canvas Enclosure.
  • 1998 Shorelander tandem axle bunk trailer.  The bunks need to be replaced which I will do in the spring before I sell the trailer, once the boat is off it.
  • 60 Gallon Aluminum Gas Tank.
  • Full Teak Cabin Door Assembly.
  • full width Teak Swim Platform (Maybe. depends on whether I can use it on whatever this boat's replacement will be)
  • Any other odds and ends, Thompson trim pieces that might be salvageable.

I haven't thought much about pricing yet since we're still a couple months away from doing anything with it, but if anyone sees anything on the list you're interested in, PM me here on LOU and we can talk.





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Sorry to hear you aren't able to salvage it.....must be almost like parting with a family member. Best of luck with whatever you get to "replace" it. Les

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