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post-142867-14224095921411_thumb.jpgi grabbed this off another site. Nice fish but it looks like it won't be caught again. I talked to two lou guys at the niagara expo this past saturday who agreed the good ice this year and last was having a negative impact on the open water fishing. Perhaps the tiger season should be the same as it is for purebred muskie? And perhaps the pike limit should be one or two? Also i think circle hooks should be required on tip ups as they are really just swallow rigs.

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Id like to see the tigers grow to maturity before they are taken. Raising the size limit to 36" helped, 40-42 inches makes more sense to me. I look at tigers as a sport fish not tablefare. Its my understanding these apex predators are stocked to help keep bait(alewives) in check. The problem is the tigers dont do this job very well until they mature and move into deeper open water where the bait is! The tigers we get in open water are almost always over 36". That doesnt mean the big fish cant be targeted in the weeds...just that the immature fish dont spend much time offshore eating alewives.

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