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5 hours Saturday not a thing. North end.  Headed all the way to yatch club and still 15 feet of water.  Good 8 inches of clear ice.  You can see the bottom through it.  Tough walk out since the is stretch of frozen broken up ice and some big moguls of snow.  Give it a shot next weekend though. 

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The edge of the ice was just a little south of the yacht club yesterday so with all this snow things could be real sketchy out there.  I saw one hut on the east side that was only about 50 ft from the edge of the ice and  with the westerly wind that was pretty foolhardy because it can undercut the ice underneath the snow cover with a "sawing" motion in just a few hours and you would never even know it. It is always tempting to exploit the ice shelf edge but it is one of the more dangerous things you can do out there.  I spent 5 hrs one day last week in up to 12 ft of water drilled 29 holes and marked only three fish and had one hit and that was it. Most of it is a vast wasteland right now...and all the best spots are inaccessible (due to open water) and despite the frigid temperatures the wind has precluded the formation of ice and has broken up quite a bit that formed earlier in the season on the northern end of the lake. It is certainly not ready for "prime time" so far this season at the northern part anyway.  I spoke with some guys who had a snowmobile and were fishing on the east side about as far out as you could go the other day (14ft of water) and they had "zip". 

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