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Rod & Reels..how many

Guest ReelDiel

How many set ups?  

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  1. 1. How many set ups?

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Guest ReelDiel

okay its cold and i'm bored. how many set ups to you guys have? (complete)

Trolling: 11

Baitcast: 16

Spinning: 12

Ice: 3

Noodle: 1

total: 43

i'm i sick?

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I'm not as sick as you guys. I only have 15 trolling and 3 spinning setups. Also a couple spare rods & reels just in case something breaks. Got out of ice fishing years ago and my son took all that stuff along with a couple spinning outfits.

Once you get over 50 then you'll start to lighten up the load a little :lol: .

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Why are you doing this? I woke up and felt good about myself this morning, even with the cold and wind. Then I answered your little poll, had to take inventory and now realize how much I have spent! Darn good thing I'm single, or I would be soon! I have 4 wire set ups, 6 innerflow rods for planer board and walleye, and I think 8 - 10 regular trolling rods.

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Reel Diel:

If you are sick, you must be contagious......

6 rigger combos/27H reels

2 rigger rods/47SLG

4 planner rods/47LC

4 leadcore rigs/47 LC

4 diver rods/47LC

1 10 color rod/PennGTI

10 spinning rods/reels

2 baitcasters

2 fly rods/reels....(gulp! that I have never used!)

Not to mention the 8 riggers rods that are in various stages of

being sold.....Come to think of it I don't feel so good ;)

Whatever you do, don't make the next poll ask how many lures we have!


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thank god i have a good wife. every time i look at a fish rod she tells me to get if i want it

10 trolling wait take that back 9 had a salmon ripe one off the boat this yr

4 dipsy

2 lead core

6 noodle rods

4 fly rod

4 ice fishing

and a snoopy rod for the kids i take out when we go bobber fishing that does not include my wifes rods.

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Guest ReelDiel


if i figure in the kids poles closed face spinning and some of the back up baitcasters with no reels well i'm pretty close to 50....god if my wife new how much all that stuff cost :$ ....time for a beer! ;)

And i'm not the super compulsive one in the family my old man and brother got me beat by a ton.......... :shock: and they hunt so theres even more crap!!!!!!!!


my noodle rod is right there with your unused rods... brand new 6lb test just waiting for the right time....its been waiting for two years. :(

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I REALLY try not to think about this, but off the top of my head:

7 rigger rods

2 wire divers

2 power pro divers

2 mono divers

1 2 color core

1 3 color core

1 5 color core

1 10 color core

1 200' copper

1 400' copper

1 thumper rod

15 spinning/noodle rods of various configurations

3 fly rods

6 ice fishing jigging rod/reels

12 or so ice fishing tip ups

next will be the center pin/float rod I'm trying real hard to talk myself out of buying.

.......... yeah, it's a serious sickness, but I love it.


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Oh boy...here we go...off the top of my head:

6 brown trout setups

6 King setups

4 wire diver setups

4 leadcore setups

1 600' copper setup

4 noodle rod setups

4 braid setups

6 fly rods/reels

3 spinning rods/reels

3 rods/reels for the kids

And probably a half dozen old rigger rods/reels that aren't in service any more.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I probably need MORE!!!!!!!!

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2 mono dipsey

2 braid dipsey

6 wire dipsey

2 lead core

1 Copper expermintal rod

10 Lake Ontario rigger rods

6 Cayuga rigger rods

a few spare ones

couple dozen spinning , and casting rods

4 fly rods

30 old rods antique, vintage, Dad's , Grandpa's etc. steel ones including an interline rod that telescopes from the 1850's

a dozen Zebco set ups that I used with the Cub Scouts. Sword fighting proof ;)

Some Ice stuff, Need a lot of Ice for me.

Guess I am like the guy in the commerical, that wants it all!!! 8)

Your not sick you don't hardly have a fever :shock:

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No hiding it from my wife. She already knows and thinks I'm a wacko. Guess I'll have to show her this thread.

9 rigger rods

5 diver rods

2 2 color cores

1 3 color core

8 brown trout setups

12 spinning rods

7 flyrods

another 5 rigger rods hanging in the rafters

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Ok I thought I had a problem but as I can see some of you have me beat by a mile :P So this is what i can think of right now.I'm pretty sure my wife could point out a few more but I really don't want her to see this thread ;)

10 Rigger rods

4 diver rods(2 wire/2 mono)

10 spinning rods

3 fly rods

3 salt water rods

5 bait casting rods

5 icefishing rods

1 noodle rod for stealhead fishing

Adding 2 core rods this spring

P.S.SkeinMachine What do you mean by a Float rod :?:

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A friend of my entered the dark world of float fishing. Its the bastard child of a noodle rod and fly reel. allows for better drifts using skein and a bobber w/ just enough shot to keep the bait just off the bottom, one of many combinations. Basically it does what a cane pole used to do, but costs a lot more~! Some day I'll give it a try~ sad, but true

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from the lack of Seth Green rods in this post ,im either showing my age, ;( or there so deep in the rafters you guys forgot you got em, :roll: look up. i pull mine down every lake trout derby on Seneca lake, throw it back 100yds on a jug, we callem meat rods caus they put meat in the boat and takes plenty of meat to reel them in. (2).

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WOW.....didnt realize the amount of money I had tied up inrods and reels. As far as I can remember off the top of my head I have:

22 trolling outfits

23 bass outfits

1 ultralite

1 flyrod

1 noodle rod

4 ice set-ups

Of course I didnt buy all the trolling setups, but I use them :lol: . If I were to put my dad and brothers other rods into that count it might touch 70 :shock: setups.

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I'm gonna include both mine and my father's as we share most of the boat rods:

4 BWD ugly sticks for riggers

4 regular ugly sticks with shimano saharas for planar board trolling - shallow for browns and such

2 diawa accudepth/ heartland dipsy/ rigger rods

2 diawa sealine/ heartland wire dipsy rods

2 diawa accudepth/ firewolf dipsy rods

2 seth green rigs with pflueger 3180 reels

2 no name dipsy rods and accudepth reels - don't use much anymore

2 st croix spinning rods with stradic reels

2 ugly stick lite rods and sahara reels

2 guide series spining rods and symmetre reels

2 fly rods

2 ultra light rods and symmetre reels.

I guess that's about it. It makes 26 total


we still use our seth green rigs in the spring and occasionally in the finger lakes. They can be a pain sometimes but they work!!!

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How come there is not an over 50 setups on the poll question??? Closing in quick on 100

...... there also seems to be a little discrimination on this poll :shock:

we'll have to start another area that is made for old guys (people) with too much equipment :lol:

Can't wait to see who starts the poll on "How many boats do you have??" ;)

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