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Rod & Reels..how many

Guest ReelDiel

How many set ups?  

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  1. 1. How many set ups?

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The collection is just starting to grow. I've had the same spinning rod and reel setup since I was 12. That one I reeled up out of the Oak while fishing after school and I've used it as my primary rod since. (I figured if there's anything such as a lucky rod that one has to be it). I also still have my first rod.The reel burned out long ago.

7 trolling rods (just getting started)

3 spinning rigs

1 ice setup

2 fly rods (they were my Grandfathers and are only for sentimental reasons one day they will be my Son's.)

5 or 6 spinning/spincast rigs. (the Wife and kid's)

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How many boats??

21' thompson for the big lake and Cayuga

16' starcraft project boat for winter fishing

14' quance (sp) row boat

17 grumman square stern canoe

My wife has a kayac , I would need one for each foot :roll:

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Man I can't come close to competing with you guys, but I'm gettin' there:

Riggers - 2

Planers - 3

Wire - 1

Braid Diver - 1

Soon to be added:

10 Color Lead - 1

2 Color Lead - 1

Planer - 2

Rigger - 1

More fly rod/reels then I care to count and figure how much $$$ I have invested in (used to be a hard core fly fisherman)

Spin combos - 2

Barbie combo's - 2 (w/another one likely in June :shock: )


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Guess I need to go shopping to keep up with you guys! I only counted 36 hanging in my garage. I think there are a few tucked away in the boat though! Does my old spring loaded Victrola box loaded with copper wire count? Geeze..I must be getting old! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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WOW, you boys are hard-core!!!! Here goes 3 trolling rods, 4 spinners, 2 ice fishing rods, 5 tip-ups and here’s one not mentioned 2 bamboo poles for bull heads :lol:

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