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You may wish to contact the tech guys at Airmar. Although thru hull transducers may be the way to go for some applications they can also have some limitations such as measurement of surface temperature...they will only give temp of the hull area where they are located not the actual water temp itself. Another thing to consider is whether your unit has the new CHIRP technology or not.  If so it would be wise to consult with the Lowrance guys at Navico to see whether transducer selection may impact that technology. In general the 50/200 kz units are designed/optimized for deep water applications (e.g. ocean -deeper penetration) and the 83/200 khz are designed for freshwater applications although either can be used in each environment. The cone angle on the 50 khz is wider than that of the other units and they are also more expensive in general.

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Try this website: http://www.thehulltruth.com/semperfifishing-135/


Anything and everything you want to know about transducers. Also Gil is a pleasure to deal with, very responsive and excellent prices if you chose to purchase from him


I'd like to add that he is an ex-marine phantom fighter pilot (Vietnam).

In order to get his prices you will have to register with "the hull truth".


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