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What will be interesting is the run off picture this spring. Seems we have more of a chance to get run offs at peak with the amount of snow.

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The run off, although it will be destructive will be the savior. The sheer amount of run off will cause harbor water levels to change busting up the thick ice and blowing it out. Another excellent shoreline bite should  occur with all  the color sure to be present. 

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Last spring right on through till the end of june was by far the BEST salmon fishing I can remember in the Rochester area. I am going to back to 1977 when I first got my feet wet. I can also say that last year L.O. had the most ice cover I have seen. I can only hope this year does the same. Bait might suffer a little but we will never feel the impact.

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Last year had the unusual Phenom. of the Lake itself warmed up faster and before the Niagara River did (because of heavy ice cover and constant supply of COLD Lake Erie water coming down for extended period last winter) This limits the Niagara rivers normaly attractive spring quality on bait fish.. When this happens the "Rochester Basin area has BY FAR the most natural supply of lake shoreline warming capability. With numerous bays (Irondequoite & Braddocks) --Genesee River-adds tremendous "water color/cover)  and  endless SHALLOW ponds in between, along with many feeder creeks, All this warm water capability being held together by 2 HUGE natural land points that stick out into Lake Ontario (Hedges 9 mile Pt. and Braddocks-Lighthouse Pt) These natural Points KEEP the water conditions stable by giving protection from heavy East or West winds. This shallow water shoreline produces the warmer water "areas" and water color needed and sought after by baitfish, (most important- ideal spring spawning conditions for ALEWIFES). Spring kings will hunt/search this entire lake over and over to find/feed on Alewifes OR they will stress while searching-thus skinny king conditions. 2014  Rochester had it's most consistant king fishery EVER starting in spring and lasted MONTHS. Next couple of weeks weather patterns will determine the ice cover/temps for this year.


As a side note-living on the lake shore I have only had 1 lake diver duck "rest" in my yard this year. last year I had over 30 birds in yard or on pave street.




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