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Kicker motor question?

tough luck

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Does anyone use a 16 inch shaft for a kicker? I want to mount it to my swim platform! I have a 21ft penn yann any suggestions would be great. I know most people use long shafts but if it's on my swim platform would it be ok? Or does anyone use a 16?

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I had a short shaft Honda on my last boat, 21' Sportcraft, but I had it mounted on a Garelick trolling motor mount bolted to the transom. I could raise and lower as needed. Unfortunately a short shaft my not work on a swim platform type of mount.

But I could be wrong. Take a tape measure out to the boat, and measure down 16" from where the throat of the mount bracket would be, this will give you an idea where the top of the anti-ventilation plate would end up. You want to try and get the prop below the hull of your boat. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least close.

If it does work out, you may only be able to troll with it on nice days. Even a 2' chop could cause prop cavitation. In those cases I just trolled with the main.

Good luck.

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You need to determine where that swim platform is in respect to the waterline in the stern. Many times it is a foot or more above the waterline which is going to

cause cavitation problems with a short shaft kicker.

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