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Dipsy Divers, Slide Divers, New Spoons

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Got a pretty good deal on some stuff over the winter and figured I would try to pass some savings along. 


Blue metallic Dipsy Diver size 0 with ring 3 1/4" (depth chart below.) These dive to a max 40' which are sweet for late kings and early inside fishing. Have a total of 17 of these. I searched around everywhere and couldn't find them for less than 13 bucks a piece.

Ill take $9 a piece or 4 for $30.


Black Slide Diver Light Bites- 3 3/4" with the light bight attachments. Another sick tool for inside fishing. Can't find em for less than 20 a piece online. $15 ea. or both for $25.


Luhr Jensen Shoehorns- I have had very good success with these spoons the past 3 years I have run them. They have an odd action due to the shape that takes some BIG fish. They are all 4"  These can't be found online for less than like $5 a spoon. They are also Discontinued as I can't find them on Luhr's website anymore. $3 a piece.


Call or text me with any inquiries- that will be the fastest way to get a response back!


Nick 585 746 8307





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