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Swim whizz

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We use both the Believer and the Swim Whizz all the time in season at Lake of the Woods either casting or trolling. In spring I sometimes find these lures on the shoreline after a long winter. They are no longer stuck on the bottom. Then I just, repaint, rehook and reuse. These cranks have a unique action that always works well.

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I've been using them for decades, both the Swim Whizz and Believer. Some argue that one is better than the other but I consider them one and the same. You will find that sometimes one will develop a leak. Don't throw them away, just use the leakers for casting as they become neutrally bouyant. On the straight 8 inchers I like to remove the middle hook hanger, cut it off with a hobby saw flush with the belly. This eliminates those frustrating hook hang ups while casting and don't worry, plenty of hooking ability remains. I also upsize to 7/0 trebles on them. I like to add rattles to some too. Just drill a small hole and add some #4 lead shot or several BB's and plug the hole with epoxy, Bondo or JB weld.


Check out the "Berger rig" used a lot on the Larry with a lite trolling spoon trailed behind the plug.


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Swim whizz are the cats pajamas...... Have used since the mid- late 90s. One of the most productive baits in the box for us. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘

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Hi Fisherman72 -


I just finished up a new website for my client (Capt. Bob & Darryl from Water Wolf Charters) and they have some awesome videos on their site.




Click on the video link at the top of the site to view them.  Not only does it show the nice action of their rig setups but also some really funny footage of ski's missing the baits.  One thing that I did notice on the videos was that every 45+" fish goes for the large bait and passes up on the trailer spoon.  I thought that was kind of interesting.



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