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Can i still buy these?


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Vetting I may be wrong but I believe Eppinger always made Daredevil, Evil Eye and Red Eyes. Stores still have them. I Ike to run them as sliders, work very well for that.

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That top one looks like a size  # 2 evil eye. Before the NK / Pirate invasion , they were the go to  spoons for me. The # 3 was the the one most used & the # 4 was the mag. the Blk Silv/ bolt was my best all around. The Silv chart bolt a killer for lakers. Have a # 4  hammered gold one good for late season kings.


 Was fishing in the Si-Tex derby one year long ago  & A # 2 blk silv  got our biggest kings  .i still use them when I have to. Got a bunch of them.

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Here are examples of relative sizes:


The first on the left is 5 inches

The second spoon is 3 3/4 inches

The third is 3 inches

The fourth is 2 1/4 inches


They originally came with treble hooks


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