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We set out about 6:00 am yesterday out of the dock and I had many things going thru my mind at the time, you know the usual stuff on the first trip.

Did I remember everything? Tackle, gas, battery's charged, plug in the boat, license, life jackets, coffee, etc. etc. The biggest thing I noticed was the smell of the water I missed so much.

There is a completely difference atmosphere when your in your boat on the water like none else and was so glad just to be there once again to take it all in.

Once we were out of the shoot and in about 60 ft. of water I turned around and my partner  already had everything set up and was ready to

put the rods in the water. I was shocked! We started with a mix spread being early spring some top lines on planers and a few things a bit lower cause you just never know.

We didn't even get our third pole in the water and my port side rod on the rigger popped and started shaking. I didn't even have time to fart and my rod hog partner had the fish in play

while he was ordering me to pull in the other rods like he had a wicked tuna on or something. Did I mention I was the captain? Anyways it wasn't long and we saw a nice chrome

dancing in the air about 100 ft. in back of the boat and it was just going nuts catching air at least 4 times before we got him in. NBK Now that was a great start. We were able to get the rest of our gear in without

any trouble and immediately after that, to my surprise the port side rod on the board took off and once again the rod hog had him in play until I pulled rank and took over the situation he he. I told him to just steer the boat. After an nice fight I landed the first brown of the season, what a football he was. We then headed West and shot in and out of the shore line keeping a watchful eye on our depths so we didn't drag our other gear off the boards. After about 15 minutes passed as I was drinking my first cup of coffee from the thermos, the rigger rod popped once again and just started screaming and peeling off line.. no way! It almost spooled

me and finally I was able to make some headway on this fish but it was give and take for sure and I still knew it couldn't be a king this early and this big but what ever it was I didn't want to lose it just for

proof as no one would believe me otherwise. I fought this monster for what like seemed forever when I finally caught a glimpse of him "a KING" and holy cow what a slob of a fish this was. At this point I did the unthinkable and tried to horse him in closer so Ed could get the net on him and then snap!! ARRRG!!! I pulled the rod so hard my hands flew over my head striking my partner right in the head with the butt of the rod and in turn he went nuts and started beating me in the back of the head repeatedly at which point I fell out of bed on the floor, you see guys the only thing real about this story was the partner beating me in the head was my wife for smacking her in the head during a sound sleep while I was fishing....This winter has been waaaay too long... ;)

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WOW!!!!that was the most excitement ive had in months.just as i started reading,my wife/fishing partner walked in the door and i started yelling at her,honey,honey,a guy went out of the oak today and was banging fish,so then i had her fired up,only to be let down at the end!!!!!thanks for putting a smile on our faces and getting us thinking about spring.it cant come soon enough.less than 2 months till the loc.

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Ha. I started thinking you were nuts getting out some how and all of the sudden got jealous as i read you were nailing them wishing i was out fishing. You got my fishing blood excited!

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