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Took the dog for a boat ride tonight 6pm to 8pm. The water out front (Sandy creek Hamlin) looks good nice brown to green color as you move out to 15fow, temp in the mid 40s. Ran 2 lines ,7 to 12fow and only one knock off. This sure is a wierd start to the season. Hopefully the lake will set up so we can tune in to the fish. The forcast doesnt look to good with south and east winds.

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Agree it's a weird start........

These spring browns have to go right to the bottom in around 40 ft of water

when the water is clear.

I know temp is important but they sure don't like the shallow

clear water, and if they are deeper it cold water too.

So what do you do?

We just have to figure them out.

I was out last Sunday and saw bottom in 32 feet by Light House shoal.

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I think I saw you there. You were in the Green Trophy with the Rottweiler looking pooch on the front deck. I got a pretty good photo of your boat and the dog on my 35mm.

I fouod the same thing. The conditions looked optimum yet we took one small brown and another knock in three hours. 5-10 ft water with normal stick baits on Planers.

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