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Cortland line Store in Cortland

Big Dave

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FYI   Cortland line is closing their store at exit 11 on Rt 81 the store is over by Arby's at that exit.   Everything in the store is 30% off .  They have lots of rods and reels and of coarse line.   There is a lot of differant flylines ( I don't know much about that ).   There are Cortland rods labeled Musky with a 29.00 price on them - the 30%   They have a few lures & spoons plus a bunch of flys.   Last day is April 15th.  Then Rich goes to work at the factory :yes:

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Did they give a reason why? I loved that place. Always made it a point to stop there over there years whether it was for my license or just bargain hunting. There were always deals to be had there.

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