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Boat insurance?


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I'm sorry. My wife just informed me 213 was my previous boat. The current boat is 223 a year.

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Geeez, 2-3 bucks either way even at under $300 is super!!, that's a new ride also. Good deal, I wish I could find a deal like that.

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Ended up at Charter Lakes, [Great Lakes Charter Ins.] 597 for the year and it is for Charter boats 1st year they will max you out at 300,000 for liability and 300,000 for and that number will go up with your years of chartering experience moves along. 950,000 for pollution, 300,000 for Uninsured Boater, 2500 for towing 25,000 for medical 20,000 on the hull. A few companies didn't want to touch a charter boat. 1,2 or 3 payments.

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